Make Up Genius Instore Custom Device

Any experience on a large screen is far superior to the one on a simple smartphone screen. So, having in mind that not all consumers are looking for applications or they aren’t good at downloading them, we made it possible to access specific beauty content on a much larger device. This way consumers could test virtual products on the shelf, on the spot, and buy those that match their preferences.


You need the right tool for high marketing communication. The drone is more than a filming device, it’s a tool that gets all the spectacular points of view in sight. This way, the activation is a scene, and the main character is played by each one of the participants. This type of device is proper for: outdoor events; spectacular filming; live broadcasting; ensemble and panoramic images; aftermovie. The technology allows live streaming on YouTube or Facebook, as well as real-time viewing on an on-site Touch Display Totem. The Drone is more than just a picture-shooting device, it’s a tool that allows brand-exposure in all spectacular sight points. Thus, the activation is a scene and the main role is played by each participant.

Droni APP

Droni tablet application gives consumers the opportunity to interact in a fun way, the ultimate goal being to initiate the drone flight. The purpose is to create a moment of enthusiasm and Word of Mouth and set the customer’s brand at a high emotional level of in the consumer minds. The drone, customized into brand clothes, will fly in air for a little while and it will engender for the consumers feelings like empowerment and success. Creative concept: High level communication with Droni app Idea: Because the capacities of the people are multiple and you MUST know which buttons to push in order to determine them to bring to the surface what they have the best, we will invite the participants at the activation to exercise their power to motivate the ones around them. It is important to find the right words when needed, both in professional and personal terms. Headline: Practice your power to motivate! The story: Droni needs some encouragement. Although it has the capabilities required for a flight, it does not trust to succeed. Will you find the right words to motivate it? Activation: Participants will record their text message on the tablet app along with their phone number. Short after, they will receive an SMS with a unique link on which they’ll find a photograph made from high above by Droni as a Thank you and a proof that it is worth striving to find the right words, because they can make a big difference in the positive sense. That is what communicate at high level means! At the end, after you’ll have heard the ovations and the acclamation of the participants, it will be impossible not to perceive the success of the activation.

Kerastase – Elle Style Awards

All those who came to the most desired event Elle Style Awards they noticed the futuristic aspect of the Kerastase Superstar Hairstyle corner. Layout was perfect, right next to the scene and the lights have given them a suitable shine. The guests came in that space, the moment in which all carousel’s cameras shooting they automatically. The photos have constituted a gif, that they could distribute in social media. How? At the side of the emplacement of the cameras we had a digital totem with a built-in printer. They could see the gif on the Totem, but, in the same time, they have received a printed photo which contained 3 of the pictures taken over, each picture with a different hair style’s semblance(outside, backside, profile), and a QR Code which when it is scanned result a gif’s link. The gift could be share on social media. We automatically generated via sms a link customized for each participant so as to the gif to be available on your phone. This was one of the greatest brand activation we ever did. Artists, media representatives, socialite and influencers, were queuing to participate to our activation were you and your hair were leading actor of each play. Hundreds of shares in social media and thousands word-of-mouth spread. A real success!

SMS Vending Machine

Through this device developed in premiere it’s so simple to provide consumers with multiple possibilities: to order and pay for a product to initiate an activation mechanism to animate an object to light up screens to vote or to fill some bottles or anything that could pass through your mind. The device is interconnected to receive the commands via a simple SMS message. We have automated the system application so that with a simple message you can have an universe of possibilities open to you. We have made the first 100% functional solution for ordering coffee in the machine and this is just the beginning.

Timișoreana – DTT Activation

It was once … a story that went on. A surprising moment, filled with emotion and nostalgia for the visitors of the biggest shopping mall. The atmosphere was relaxed, around Christmas, ​​a great opportunity for the beer brand to ‘mingle’ with the shoopers in an Christmas-sy touching way. An innovative digital beer barrel, was opening its door inviting people to join singing Christmas carols. How? You open the door of the barrel where you discover a screen where the automatically the lyrics of carol are displayed What a great time … it was, people were queuing all day. But the story is not finished. After singing carols, you could choose to send an electronic Christmas card to a friend. What a day. You could find out the story of the brand, you could have sing Christmas songs, you could have send Christmas cards to friends, you could have make your own pictures to share on social media …..And we have lived happily from those days until today. Endlessly … because the story went on and on :).

Touch Totem with double role – games and advertising

What can be more enjoyable for a parent than having a fun experience with his/her own child! The digital totem provides a playground for both of them. This application allows the parent to enroll their child in the competition based on the winning points and why not, even to win prizes. The video is eloquent.

Infotainment with Touch Totem

We can develop dedicated applications and we can transpose any existing totem format website to be accessible in public and consumer-friendly places. On such a large display, the consumer’s perception of your brand is raised to another rank.

Blue Box – The Summer Challenge from Ursus Cooler

A special blue cab was equipped with the necessary infrastructure to run a Kinect application project right on the beach! The game could involve a player or two (simultaneously), and in the end, if the challenge was completed, the participants received awards from the Ursus promoters. Kinect technology has lured a considerable number of consumers to the game, who have interacted with the Ursus brand in an attractive way, which is also confirmed by the results of the campaign. Positive impressions were gathered warm and beer served, of course, cold!

Tehnologia Kinect a atras în joc un număr considerabil de consumatori, care au interacţionat cu brand-ul Ursus într-o manieră atractivă, fapt confirmat şi de rezultatele campaniei. Impresiile pozitive au fost culese la cald şi berea servită, desigur, la rece.

Coca Cola Banner Duet

An interactive banner is worth a thousand words, but a banner that can interact in real time is an unforgettable experience. Coca-Cola Consumers have had an unprecedented moment: they met the first banner through which they could record a personalized duet with Adi Despot, soloist of the band Vița de Vie. By calling the number displayed on the banner, users were interacting in real time with Adi Despot, who answered them on the phone and invited them to sing together the “Praf de Stele” song. The participants also had the opportunity to win tickets to B’ESTFEST (one of the most prestigious music events in Romania) and to know the artist in person. More than that, all the voices recorded were integrated into the official video of “Praf de Stele”, which was broadcast on MTV. At B’ESTEFEST, Adi Despot was accompanied by the voices of all who recorded the song, and the best voices received as a prize a custom video on Youtube. In this way, all participants were rewarded for their effort. Duet Banner (an absolute premiere) has used the newest and most effective method of promoting: direct consumer engagement from the online environment, continuing in real life and giving them a memorable experience – because: 20,000 people felt like a member of the Vița de Vie band; 1,000,000 people watched the event live on MTV; 4,590.00 people knew about campaign details; A simple cursor movement has turned into a favorite song. The technical solution combines two essential elements: bidirectional communication and content generation by users. The key element is offered by real-time interactivity, which involves consumers through such an easy tool – the mobile phone. At the same time, the emotional component plays an important role: real association with a famous musician – Adi Despot: “the consumer sings, the star accompanies him.”

Interactive Kinect Showcase

We are presenting to you the interactive Kinect showcase. This incredible system allows transformation of any unused plan space into a digital interface for interaction with potential customers and consumers. The system can be implemented on existing glass case or simple glass, or it can be built on its own, and can be placed in any type of location. Also, the system can be designed from a small size of 1 meter to 1 meter, up to 3 or 4 meters in size on one side. This space will allow your customers to interact with your brand in an attractive, innovative and especially easy way. The possibilities of interaction are endless, the space itself being a play portal or enrollment in the promotion, data collection, video display, relevant content search, or any combination of them. Certainly such a digital portal will become a point of attraction and your location or your brand will not only go unnoticed, but will remain a landmark in the memory of customers and potential customers.

Interactive touch Showcase

We all know that today branding and interaction with potential customers, across all platforms or environments where they have access, must be as consistent and captivating as possible. With the solution we present, you can transform any plan space from a location, in an interactive physical portal with unlimited branding and consumer interaction, a space that offers more enjoyable and consistent experiences to visitors than any other solution you could have using the same space. By displaying single-touch brows-able catalogs or interactive applications, you can perform the most interactive consumer activation with better results than ever before.Interactive marketing, in all its forms, generates brand awareness, loyalty, and last but not least, higher sales. Try this solution for a limited time and you will immediately notice how your location, shelf space or any other surface can be the center of attention and the most penetrating in-store communication and interaction channel at events or any other location.