Blue Box – The Summer Challenge from Ursus Cooler

A special blue cab was equipped with the necessary infrastructure to run a Kinect application project right on the beach! The game could involve a player or two (simultaneously), and in the end, if the challenge was completed, the participants received awards from the Ursus promoters. Kinect technology has lured a considerable number of consumers to the game, who have interacted with the Ursus brand in an attractive way, which is also confirmed by the results of the campaign. Positive impressions were gathered warm and beer served, of course, cold!

Tehnologia Kinect a atras în joc un număr considerabil de consumatori, care au interacţionat cu brand-ul Ursus într-o manieră atractivă, fapt confirmat şi de rezultatele campaniei. Impresiile pozitive au fost culese la cald şi berea servită, desigur, la rece.