Nestle Lion – BTL Activation

UNTOLD is the largest annual electronic music festival and the perfect place to reach thousands of young smart teens and young adults. Nestlé Lion unleashed the courage offering to their audience memorable, scaring but fun moments. The LION cage, a booth especially designed on target audience demographic, was offering engaging experiences for people to face their phobias and fears: snakes bites, roller-coaster falls, shark attack or phantoms ….of course all of them in the most safest way, the contact being just thru a digital touch screen. Under the creative concept ” Waking-up the lion in you”, runing the experience consumers could receive a photo taken instantly in the climax moment of the scary movie. The most courageous participants were immediately recognized by all audience, due to “lion” branded props, like robes, visors, capes. Visibility of the brand was among the special invitations of the festival and our experiential marketing experience was a memorable one.

L’Oreal Make-up Genius

Makeup Genius L’Oreal Paris is an innovative application that has permanently changed the experience of buying and testing makeup products. This application allows you to try virtually a wide palette of L’Oréal Paris products, turning your smartphone or tablet into a makeup mirror. Using the augmented reality, the application recognizes the face shape and expressions through the front camera of your smartphone or tablet and applies your face makeup in real-time, following your face moves. Exclusive technology taken directly from Hollywood studios is an absolute premiere in the field of beauty. Virtual makeup has never been more real! At every step of the journey through the application, with a simple touch you can buy your favorite product. The application benefits from the procurement mode through a local retailer – eMag. Simply choose your favorite product, press the “Buy” button and you are transferred to “My Shopping Cart”.

Touch Digital Totem

The digital totem is specially designed to be exposed in heavily trafficked areas, giving buyers visual content and multiple interaction possibilities through touch applications. The dimensions range from 55 inches to 80 inches, with each totem offering improved experience by adding additional tools such as Kinect, barcode readers, bar code generators, motion and audio sensors etc. Such a device offers branding opportunities, information and interaction, data collection, flexibility and content control, meaningful memories for consumers and why not, additional revenue by generating shopping vouchers to stimulate immediate sales. It can be customized in multiple versions and the display can be placed vertically, obliquely or horizontally.

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Projection shop window display

Each store or location wants to impress and attract as many buyers as possible. Besides, we all have more to communicate than we can do through a poster in showcases or through a shop banner. We present a digital tool that will transform the simple window of your store into a generous digital display where you can stream videos with latest collections, advertisements or promotions for your customers. Did you think it was a monitor or a TV set? It’s not, it’s just the digital tool that will turn the showcase of your store or location into a new communication channel. Your customers will be fascinated! Create immersive experiences In today’s shopping landscape, every element of the retail experience plays a critical role in capturing customers’ attention. Bring your showroom or store alive with visual merchandising Want your store to attract shoppers and make a long-lasting impression? Create a store environment that envelops customers and grabs their full attention. Draw customers in with compelling window displays Window displays help capture shopper attention as they walk by a retail location. The content of displays can be remotely controlled via an online interface.