Timișoreana – DTT Activation

It was once … a story that went on. A surprising moment, filled with emotion and nostalgia for the visitors of the biggest shopping mall. The atmosphere was relaxed, around Christmas, ​​a great opportunity for the beer brand to ‘mingle’ with the shoopers in an Christmas-sy touching way. An innovative digital beer barrel, was opening its door inviting people to join singing Christmas carols. How? You open the door of the barrel where you discover a screen where the automatically the lyrics of carol are displayed What a great time … it was, people were queuing all day. But the story is not finished. After singing carols, you could choose to send an electronic Christmas card to a friend. What a day. You could find out the story of the brand, you could have sing Christmas songs, you could have send Christmas cards to friends, you could have make your own pictures to share on social media …..And we have lived happily from those days until today. Endlessly … because the story went on and on :).