About us

Special Digital Projects (Proiecte Digitale Speciale) is innovation division of the Syscom Digital interactive agency. The logistic support of  the agency (web platform, development of mobile applications,   the automated call system IVR, SMS platform) is the solid  background onto, as early as 2015, we started to build consumer interaction digital experiences really and truly memorable using latter-day devices and  modern digital technologies: digital windows, touch digital totems, Kinect, automated modules,  automated activation particular sensors, contents and digital projections, info- kiosks, photo booths, augmented reality applications.

The idea and the innovative projects who we developed, the confidence and the aplomb of our clients and the increasing demand for such projects persuaded us to invest in IT technology, specialized software   and specific logistics (the big touch screens, lot of tablets, specific gantries for events, up to date cameras and more.

Our team along with colleagues from Syscom Digital pull together in a beautiful way to offer the most fascinating and exciting consumer activations in a perfect synergy:

  • The experience and the specialization of our colleagues on mechanics and activation tactics, reactivation, consumers and complete analyses
  • Our know-how is single in specific software development and the tools integration prerequisite for the interaction with costumers

Our project not only carry in innovation, they induce a high level of interaction and  well  status among consumers, via memorable entertainment devices, edutainment devices or infotainment one, by providing user-friendly interface (uniplayer or multiplayer) for consumers and exposing video content created for to generate a high level of assimilation from consumers.

We have as a purpose to develop innovative and sophisticated applications, but then, by the means of which, the consumers will benefit from the interaction in the easiest, fun and efficient way. Our projects and solutions are personalized. If there is a demand, we develop any presuming consumer interaction. Even if some solutions are realized for the first time, until now, we managed to carry out all our customers’ requests. Permanently, we learn hand in hand to do new stuff and we assure you that we do not give up until we’re a success.

We invite you to study the section: Solutions, where you’ll may browse some examples of interactive tools that may be used in in-store or outdoor consumer activation and whenever you have a bold query, we are here to solve. We assure you that at all times we’ll get you innovative solutions. Contact us!