Vitrine si Proiectii Interactive cu Kinect

Interactive projection @ Iceefest

What if you could change the landscape in one movement? No, it's not about teleportation. more

Interactive wall

The technology has gotten far enough that the walls or windows are also digital. We were designing the walls, the windows, the buildings, the floors and even the ceiling. more

Interactive Kinect Showcase

We present the interactive Kinect showcase. This incredible system allows transformation of any unused plan space into a digital interface for interaction with potential customers and consumers more

Interactive touch Showcase

By displaying simply-touch browsable catalogs or interactive applications, you can run the most interactive consumer activation with better results than ever more

Projection shop window display

We present a digital tool that will transform the simple window of your store into a generous digital display where you can stream videos with latest collections, advertisements or promotions for your customers more