Droni APP

Droni tablet application gives consumers the opportunity to interact in a fun way, the ultimate goal being to initiate the drone flight. The purpose is to create a moment of enthusiasm and Word of Mouth and set the customer’s brand at a high emotional level of in the consumer minds. The drone, customized into brand clothes, will fly in air for a little while and it will engender for the consumers feelings like empowerment and success. Creative concept: High level communication with Droni app Idea: Because the capacities of the people are multiple and you MUST know which buttons to push in order to determine them to bring to the surface what they have the best, we will invite the participants at the activation to exercise their power to motivate the ones around them. It is important to find the right words when needed, both in professional and personal terms. Headline: Practice your power to motivate! The story: Droni needs some encouragement. Although it has the capabilities required for a flight, it does not trust to succeed. Will you find the right words to motivate it? Activation: Participants will record their text message on the tablet app along with their phone number. Short after, they will receive an SMS with a unique link on which they’ll find a photograph made from high above by Droni as a Thank you and a proof that it is worth striving to find the right words, because they can make a big difference in the positive sense. That is what communicate at high level means! At the end, after you’ll have heard the ovations and the acclamation of the participants, it will be impossible not to perceive the success of the activation.