Touch Digital Totems for Customer Interaction

Brand Activation with Touch Totem and foto reward

No interaction is completely beautiful if the user does not receive a small reward more

Brand Activation with Kinect Digital Totem

To be as innovative as possible and offer even more exciting experiences for consumers, we integrate the Totem application and other tools.more

Timișoreana – DTT Activation

It was once ... a story that went on. A surprising moment, filled with emotion and nostalgia when a nonconformist Christmas Carol...more

Touch Totem with double role – games and advertising

Only one device for both children and parents. One screen, two experiences! more

Infotainment with Touch Totem

The touch screen offers a high quality image, allowing consumers to navigate as they please more

Touch Digital Totem

We are introducing a new device designed to be exposed in public areas and providing access to touch, trade, entertainment and education information and applications.more