Projection shop window display

Each store or location wants to impress and attract as many buyers as possible. Besides, we all have more to communicate than we can do through a poster in showcases or through a shop banner. We present a digital tool that will transform the simple window of your store into a generous digital display where you can stream videos with latest collections, advertisements or promotions for your customers. Did you think it was a monitor or a TV set? It’s not, it’s just the digital tool that will turn the showcase of your store or location into a new communication channel. Your customers will be fascinated! Create immersive experiences In today’s shopping landscape, every element of the retail experience plays a critical role in capturing customers’ attention. Bring your showroom or store alive with visual merchandising Want your store to attract shoppers and make a long-lasting impression? Create a store environment that envelops customers and grabs their full attention. Draw customers in with compelling window displays Window displays help capture shopper attention as they walk by a retail location. The content of displays can be remotely controlled via an online interface.