Andromedia @Iceefest2017

@IceeFest event the Andromedia Galaxy application for Touch Display Totem was the entertainment host. The creative idea was of a struggle between five different populations, all representing categories in the communication area. The participants had a competition in which they practiced the ability to reach the target public in order to conquer to the top of the leader-board. The activation has been a success mainly because of the device on which it was implemented, the Totem Display Touch which has attractive features. What are the benefits of consumer activations with Touch Display Totem? standing out – using experiential tactics can help create a tangible connection and help stand-out; engaging consumers – with the help of TDT you can create one-to-one engagements and compelling experiences; power of shareability – by including social sharing into the experience it allows amplification of the campaign well beyond audiences who experience the campaign directly. This is easily possible with just one click away; data – experiential marketing gives you the unique opportunity to look beyond a consumer’s purely transactional data and learn more about their audiences’ preferences directly.