NN Asigurari de viata – Kisses Machine

'' Kisses Machine'' - a custom photobooth, with a display that guides the participant step by step. Kinect for tracking movements and photo printer. The steps to be taken by consumers are : The person sitting in front of the cab. The application identify the face and displays it full of blue dots . When the person transmit kisses unto the camera, the dots disappear. The kisses transmitted are actually some amounts of money who is donated to the orphanage, the message being Love heal the best. And when you share it with others, is coming back to you. You send kisses in all directions and get rid of blue dots. Each kiss turns into a penny which we donate children who need our help. At the end, the machine provides participants with a picture in which the dots on their face. The components of '' Kisses Machine'' : custom Photobooth - Two versions of the display, a photo printer, Kinect for face recognition and for records the movement of the sent kisses.